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ethics and technology

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Эссе на английском. Сегодня до 9 вечера. No one can argue that technology is advancing faster than we can keep up, however, the regulation of these emerging technologies has wide implications, for security, privacy and ethics in general. The H&T industry collects millions of bits of data about its guests, uses technology such as chatbots and robots and AI to enhance the guest experience but much of this has negative implications. Consider the principles of ethics as discussed in the slides, and suggest and three regulatory measures that can ensure that those principles are protected. Include a brief explanation as to why you think these measures would be effective. Do not just focus on privacy as that is already a well-discussed area of concern; your discussion needs to go beyond the violation of privacy. ( 500 -700 words) Principles of ethics:  Beneficence – preventing harm of others, ensuring benefits for all  Fidelity – fulfill commitments, roles and contracts  Confidentiality – respecting privacy  Conservatism – maintaining past practices  Equality – all people are equal  Equal Consideration of interests – no one’s interests should be placed above someone else’s  Nonmaleficence - do not harm individuals or their property
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12 октября 2018
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12 октября 2018
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