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Задание на английском

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Задание на английском Предмет: Human Rights in International Law Задание 1. Find Gafgen case. In written form (around half a page or 1 page) write your opinion on it in relation to Article 3 (torture). Answer the following questions: - Which main question did the Court have to answer in relation to Article 3? - How did the Court answer this question? (And what did it say in terms of exclusion of evidence?) - Do you think this decision is in line with the idea of ​​absolute prohibition of torture? explain. - Do you agree with this decision, why (not)? Try to find some information and explain how was this decision met by scholars and the states? - Which part of the Court's judgment caught your attention and your eye mostly? Site. explain why. 2. Written short problem question on torture and distinguish between :"torture" and "other forms of ill-treatment". 3. Also in written form , answer the question : why is Gafgen case important for the right to liberty and security ? (Article 5). 5. Make a scheme of Absolute, derogable, non-derogable, limited, qualified rights. On paper or digitally. Send it to me. The best schemes will be on the presentation screen. Be ready to present your scheme and provide examples for each category of right.
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4 мая 2022
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6 мая 2022
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